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Welcome to Puneet Designs, I specialize in creating spaces that epitomize style, quality and function catered to individual needs. My business ranges from Interior Design to Renovations and Project Management.  Please contact me, as I would love to hear about your project!


We plan our designs with full determination to achieve the desired looks. We follow the techniques of opting conventional to contemporary approach as per the requirements of individuals. Our interiors are designed to give the impressions of your thoughts ensuring you always feel comfortable in the coming years.
The first and foremost ingredient of our business is ‘ quality’. Best materials are chosen and exceptional artisans are hired in order to achieve your dream projects.
light, colour, coherence along with other main features of the space are deeply focussed while planning.
Detailing and finishes are accomplished to generate oopmh factor in designs .
We are aware of spatial design that is the uppermost reason to get wide success in an interior. We would delighted to take your ideas to the next level . Come and fulfil your dreams.